What Is the Difference Between Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds?

Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 12:13 am by Will

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You have a lot to think about when choosing a diamond. One factor is the source of the brilliant stone that makes the centerpiece of your ring. You can choose between diamonds that come naturally from the earth or ones that grow in a lab. What's the difference between the lab grown variety and the kind that formed in the earth? The answer is: nothing, except their origin. Both are optically, chemically and physically the same. One is created under laboratory conditions and one is created deep within the earth. Both are "the real thing".

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Even though lab grown diamonds are made by humans instead of the earth, they are just as real as the naturally mined type. Through high temperature and pressure, scientists are able to create the same kinds of conditions that the earth provides. In both situations, carbon atoms form into a diamond crystal.

Lab formed diamonds have identical chemical properties and look the same, even to professional gemologists. If you're not sure, try looking at the two types together to see if you notice any difference. Lab created diamonds give you the same composition as the mined kind since they're both made of carbon, and they are parallel with the highest quality natural diamonds.

Contrast that with synthetic stones like cubic zirconium or moissanite. These alternatives do not have the same chemical or physical properties as a diamond and thus do not have the same qualities of beauty, sparkle, brilliance or durability.

Lab Grown Diamonds

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Why would you choose a lab grown diamond? They are sourced in an environmentally friendly and socially conscious way, and they tend to cost far less (up to 30 percent) than natural diamonds while providing the same qualities. Plus, you can choose these diamonds in any of the beautiful cuts and settings you prefer.

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