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Sterling Silver Shimmering Diamonds Knot Drop Pendant with 3.5 mm Round Genuine Aquamarine and 8=0.03 twt Round Diamonds on a Sterling Silver 18'' Rope Chain

Fashion Ring001-200-00824


14 Karat White Gold Diagonal Halo Ring with 1.13 Carat Checkerboard-Faceted Cushion Shaped Aquamarine and 44=0.16 twt Round Diamonds



14 Karat White Gold Martini Stud Earrings with 2=1.50 twt 6mm Genuine Round Checkerboard Faceted Aquamarine

Fashion Ring001-200-00882


14 Karat White Gold Contemporary Fashion Ring with 0.75 Carat Checker Board Cut Round Aquamarine and Beaded Bright Polished Finish

Fashion Ring001-200-00886


14 Karat White Gold Fashion Ring with 1.50 Carat Checker Board Cut Cushion Shaped Aquamarine and 12=0.10 twt Round Diamonds

Fashion Ring001-200-00803


14 Karat White Gold Contemporary Fashion Ring with 0.59 Carat Pear Shaped Aquamarine and 12=0.08 twt Round Diamonds