Mark a special occasions or the beginning of a journey with another person with Add a Pearl from Bay Area Diamond Co. Inspired by the time honored tradition of charm bracelets, Add a Pearl begins with a starter piece which grows with its recipient. Select a base necklace featuring one, two, three, or more pearls. Select a clasp to match your recipient's taste, choosing from diamond, gold, or filigree. Add pearls and charms to the necklace with the passing of each special occasion, and watch as your Add a Pearl necklace and memories flourish and continue to sparkle throughout the years.

Commemorate Occasions with Add a Pearl

Add a Pearl is a charming way to commemorate to each special occasion, accomplishment, or milestone as a young woman grows or you move through life with your partner. In addition to adding pearls and other baubles to necklaces, you can also include engraved messages. Add a Pearl charms can be engraved with personal sentiments, significant dates, wishes of luck, congratulations, or inspiring quotes. 

Designs to Complement Anyone's Style

Bay Area Diamond Co.'s Add a Pearl necklaces can be designed to complement anyone's unique style and personality with a variety of pearls, charms, and clasps to choose from. In addition, we offer a variety of matching pearl earrings and bracelets which can be worn and enjoyed along with an Add a Pearl necklace.

If you have a special daughter, mother, sister, friend, or partner in your life whose accomplishments you wish to commemorate and celebrate, talk with a Bay Area Diamond Co. jeweler about beginning an Add a Pearl necklace. We will help you select the perfect starter necklace to begin your journey and make your memories glitter.