Jewelry Appraisal

Bay Area Diamond Company proudly provides jewelry appraisals of diamonds and jewelry in the Green Bay area. Many who plan to keep their cherished jewelry, whether inherited or received to mark a special occasion, neglect to have their pieces appraised. Knowing an accurate and current valuation for jewelry, however, is important – even if you do not plan to hold onto your pieces forever. Individuals have their jewelry appraised for a number of reasons including:

·        insurance policies for replacement in case of damage, loss, or theft

·        estate tax valuations

·        value comparisons

·        liquidation

·        curiosity

No matter the reason you plan to have your treasured jewelry appraised, we provide comprehensive, current appraisals, using a sharp eye for detail. Both fashion trends and the market price of precious metals change frequently. Due to this ever-changing marketplace, we recommend clients have their jewelry appraised once every three to five years to ensure current values, especially for insurance replacement purposes.


Our owner, Brian Rouse earned his certificate in Diamonds and Diamond Grading from GIA and many of our diamonds come with a report from GIA. Qualified to identify and classify diamonds by cut, color, and clarity and approximate weights, he personally handles all appraisals for Bay Area Diamond Company. Complimentary appraisals are included with all Bay Area Diamond Company purchases, and appraisals on jewelry purchased outside of our store are available for a fee. All appraisals provide clients with accurate, up-to-date valuations. Each appraisal includes a valuation, professional photographs, and a comprehensive description of the piece, which details measurements, proportions, weights, and setting techniques.


No matter your plans for your jewelry, we encourage you to stop by Bay Area Diamond Company for an up-to-date appraisal on all of your beautiful pieces.