Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

At Bay Area Diamond Company, we are committed to presenting you with all the options available to you and providing you with the relevant facts so you can make an informed decision about how you want to spend your money. We are knowledgeable of the cutting edge technology that is now available to the jewelry industry. We also believe that the most important quality in a diamond is how it looks to you – does it sparkle. For these reasons, we offer clarity enhanced diamonds in addition to untreated diamonds.

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

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Almost all diamonds have imperfections. When there is a particular type of inclusion called a feather, the enhancement process can eliminate it so that it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. A vacuum process removes the air within the feather. A material that has similar optical properties as a diamond is inserted into the feather, allowing light to pass through it as though it does not exist. The inclusion is still in the diamond but since it is now filled, it can no longer be seen to the naked eye.

Why buy a clarity enhanced diamond?

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When buying a clarity enhanced diamond, you can buy a larger diamond or you can buy a more beautiful, cleaner-looking diamond. If you are looking to get the biggest diamond for the money, assuming the other three C’s are good too, a clarity enhanced diamond will be around 30% less. Most people who buy clarity enhanced diamonds are very happy! Those who are not are usually the ones who bought them and weren’t told.

How will I know if I’m buying a clarity enhanced diamond or not?

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At Bay Area Diamond Company, our diamonds are clearly marked so you will know which ones are clarity enhanced and which ones are not. We are experienced in buying, selling and working on clarity enhanced diamonds, so you can feel comfortable buying one from us.

Does clarity enhancement change a diamond in any way?

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No. It is still a natural diamond – it just looks better. The amount of material used to fill the feather is so microscopic that even the world’s greatest diamond laboratory, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has reported that the clarity enhancement process adds zero weight to a diamond.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds natural?

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Yes, 100%. Clarity enhanced diamonds are real, natural diamonds. They come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. They are not man-made or synthetic.

Will I be able to see the enhancement?

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No, only a trained eye can detect the enhancement under 10x magnification.

How does a trained person tell if a diamond is enhanced?

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A “flash” can be seen under magnification and by moving the diamond in a way that catches the light. When observed face up, this neon color is either invisible or could easily be mistaken for the spectral colors that are observed when looking at a stone face up. When the diamond is observed face down under a microscope, however, the neon colors distinctly stand out. This flash may appear as different colors, such as violet, blue, orange or pink.

Is a clarity enhanced diamond the same as a fracture filled diamond?

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Although laser drilling also improves the clarity of a diamond, it is considered a different type of process. Laser drilling is a permanent process designed to remove the appearance of carbon spot inclusions. A laser is pointed at the carbon spot within the diamond. A microscopic entryway is then created which allows the carbon spot to be “bleached” white.

What options are available in clarity enhanced diamonds?

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Clarity enhanced diamonds are available in all shapes and sizes from melee up to 5 carats and above, all colors and all clarities up to VS2.

Is there a special way I should care for a clarity enhanced diamond?

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Under normal wear and tear, the treatment will last for life. There are only three things that could compromise the clarity enhancement:

Exposure to fire or extreme heat. Exposure to a jeweler’s torch (such as during retipping or resizing) can alter the filler material or even remove it entirely. Therefore, you should always tell your jeweler that you have a clarity enhanced diamond.

Exposure to acid. To clean your diamond, use a non-acid, non-ammonia soap solution. At Bay Area Diamond Company, we will happily clean your diamond any time without any fee whether it was purchased here or not. Again, you should always tell your jeweler that you have a clarity enhanced diamond.

Re-cutting. If the diamond had to, for some reason, be recut, the re-cutting process could cause the filling to come out.

If, for ANY reason, the enhancement is compromised, bring it in and we will re-enhance it free of charge.

If you have any other questions about clarity enhanced diamonds, please stop in and talk to any of our trained sales associates today.