Diamonds Last Forever: Your Jewelry Should Too!

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 at 4:02 pm by Courtney

If there’s one thing that defines the Green Bay community, it’s that we’re active people. Something’s always going on around here, from Packers games to hunting season to enjoying every minute of summer sun that comes our way. It’s a great way to live – but it can be tough on fine jewelry.

While we’re always here to provide you with skilled jewelry repair or restoration services, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are the top five things you can do to keep your jewelry from getting wrecked:

#1: Don’t Wear Your Jewelry To Bed

After a long day, it’s so easy to fall into bed still wearing your earrings or necklaces. But here’s the thing: we move a lot during the night, even when we think we’re sleeping peacefully. Necklaces get tangled, kinked or broken; earrings get caught on pillowcases and bedding, which can result in damage to the earring and potentially your ear!

#2: Take Your Jewelry Off To Wash The Dishes

Hot, soapy water is great for cleaning dinner plates, but it can be harsh on your jewelry. The grease, food particles and other stuff you’d rather not think about winds up getting caught in the tiny detailed areas of your jewelry, particularly in prong-style settings.  Over time, grime accumulates and your jewelry will lose its brilliant sparkle.

#3:  Match Your Jewelry to Your Day

Choose your daily accessories based upon the type of activities you’ve got planned for the day. If you want a bracelet that you can wear every day, select one with heavy links, a strong clasp and nothing dangling from it.  For a pendant that you only wear to weddings or on date night, you can select a more dainty chain.  For something that you wear every day, select a sturdier chain.

#4: Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

Clean jewelry is prettier and more fun to wear!  At-home remedies are okay for an occasional spruce-up, but the equipment and know-how of your jeweler do a much better job!  We encourage you to get your jewelry cleaned and inspected as often as you want- more than just annually! Stop in anytime; there’s a fresh cup of coffee here for you to enjoy while you wait!

#5:  Preventative Maintenance: It’s A  Good Thing

During your annual jewelry cleaning, have the team at your favorite jewelry store perform routine maintenance before something breaks or a stone falls out.  Just like your car, jewelry needs a regular checkup.